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What you will find here are dissected tanning beds with all the easily serviceable parts identified. If you are looking for a user manual or wiring diagram (schematic packet), simply find the part number in your specific bed model and then search for that part number in the Documents section (all documents are in PDF format).

When you are done, and want to order something, contact the JK Global Service Division at 1-800-445-0624.

The silver identification tag on the back of your tanning unit gives the complete model name of the unit. For tanning beds, use the label located on the canopy, or hood section. When in doubt, the serial label is always located near the power cord.

ETS tanning beds generally follow the same naming structure. The first letter, followed by a dash (E-, F-, G-, etc.), is the design series as shown at right. In more recent models this changed slightly to include a modification scheme, but the concept is the same. The first letter is the design series (VA0-, WA1-, etc.). See below for an important exception.

The naming system changed for the 2006 production season. Read the following instructions carefully!

For the 2006 model season, larger commercial tanning beds employed a different naming system. Model names that start with a letter and no dash (E or U) use the last letter as the design series.

Once you determine your design series click on it below to see the list of tanning bed models from that year. Then just click on your bed model.

If you don't find your model, feel free to call JK Global Service at 1-800-445-0624.

Sample tanning bed serial number labelTanning bed model name exceptionTanning bed model name example

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years. "Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present." "Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer." "Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.

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