General Maintenance
You have a lot invested in your tanning equipment. If cared for properly it will provide you with many years of dependable service. Fortunately, caring for your equipment is simple, if done regularly. A few common tools and cleaning supplies are all you should need for this list of periodic maintenance tasks.

Refer to your tanning bed's manual for more specific maintenance instructions.

Cleaning after tanning

It is important that you clean and disinfect the tanning surfaces after each tanning session. In a salon situation, everywhere a person might touch should be wiped down with an appropriate disinfectant cleaner, this includes acrylic shields, timer buttons, pillows, places you might sit on when getting into the unit, etc. When selecting a cleaner, make sure it does NOT contain ammonia or ammonia derivatives. Ammonia may damage the acrylic surfaces. We recommend Australian Gold® Disinfectant.

Thorough Periodic Cleaning

The cooling fans draw air through the running unit to cool the equipment. They also pull dust into the unit. That is why you should take the time to thoroughly clean the INSIDE of the tanning unit from time to time. Dust on the lamps and reflectors is not only unattractive, it also blocks UV light from reaching the tanner. Many times this is more of a problem in residential units since a house tends to have longer carpet fibers than a salon, laundry lint, pet hair, etc.

Basically you need to remove the acrylic shields and/or wire grills to gain access to the lamps and reflectors. Using a soft, damp cloth wipe each lamp and the reflector surface. Clean both sides of the acrylic sheilds or wire grills. When everything is clean, put the unit back together. Check any vent holes and fan openings for obstructions. If possible, clean the fan blades. Also clean or replace any air filters the unit may have. Refer to your User Manual for more specific cleaning instructions.

Mechanical Inspection

Occasionally, we recommend about every 400-500 hours of operation, inspect all of the unit's nuts and bolts to make sure they are secure. Pay particular attention to any fasteners that hold hinges, gas springs, or other points of movement. Check the operation of any gas springs or other lift mechanisms. Replace gas springs if they do not hold the canopy in its fully open position when raised. If needed, adjust the spring lifts as described in your User Manual.

Lamp Replacement

The amount of UV a tanning lamp produces will diminish over time. We recommend you replace lamps every 500 to 1000 hours of use. Higher wattage lamps should probably be replaced closer to 500 hours than 1000. Remember to replace the starters whenever replacing lamps.

If you follow these guidelines, your tanning equipment should last many years. If you have any difficulty performing any maintenance procedures call us (1-800-449-3605). We are always happy to help. Again, refer to your manual for more specific instructions.

Enjoy your tanning experience!


Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years. "Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present." "Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer." "Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.

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