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Product List

10070|Contactor (240VAC, 30A)

Tanning bed control contactor rated for 30 Amps on 240VAC service.
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10081|Fan, 4" (220VAC, 110cfm)

Square fan, measures approximately 4" on a side, used for general cooling of tanning bed.
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10897|Trim Profile, Light Gray (Full Length)

Full-length gray colored strip that secures the long edges of the tanning bed cover.
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20080|Lamp Holder w/o Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Does not have holder for starters.
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20193|Hour Counter

Electro-mechanical hour counter for tanning beds. Keeps track of time the tanning bed is in use.
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20802|Gas Spring Set, 1200N

Set of gas springs for tanning beds. Set includes 2 gas springs and installation instructions.
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21089|Timer Keypad Pushbuttons, NF (On bracket)

Membrane keypad assembly. This is only the adhesive backed membrane keypad affixed to the head-end canopy endcap of the tanning bed, not the timer display circuit board.
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21916|Bushing, Sintered Iron 10mm

Sintered iron bushing that is inserted into the canopy mounting arm where the gas spring connects. Replaces Bronze Bushing.
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22779-02|Endcap, Light Grey e1

One light grey colored endcap to be used on the head-end of the bench, foot-end of the canopy and/or foot-end of the bench on the e1 commercial tanning beds
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22780-02|Endcap Insert, Center w/o Timer Display, Light Grey

Center insert for e1 endcap when timer keypad is not used
[Product Details...]

22783-02|Endcap Insert, Center w/ Timer Display, Light Grey

Center insert for e1 endcap that contains the timer keypad (not included)
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22839-04|Canopy Mounting Arm, Black

Mounting arm assembly for SunStar
[Product Details...]

23102-01|Pillow, Grey Vinyl

Block shaped foam pillow with vinyl covering for commercial tanning beds
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23136-01|Hardware Kit, Body Fan

Bolt, nut and spacer required for mounting the Turbo body fan to the foot end canopy endcap
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24253-39|Profile, Blank (Light Grey)

Light grey plastic profile that covers the long edges of the tanning bed
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24253-40|Silk-Screened Profile, English (e1)

Plastic side profile with tanning bed logo and warning wording required by FDA for tanning beds.
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24253-41|Silk-Screened Profile, French (e1)

Plastic side profile with tanning bed logo and warning wording required by CSA for tanning beds.
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24270-01|Timer Keypad, ADI-HT (PCB only)

Circuit board with LED display behind pushbutton membrane
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