Cutaway view of the Solar System 32 tanning bed

This Solar System 32 was shipped with the following lamps:
Velocity® Wolff® Model VEL 71-T12-100W (Bench lamps)
Velocity® PLUS Wolff® Model VLP71-T12-100W Bi-Pin (Canopy lamps)

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Product List

24118-01|Antenna, FM

Stereo antenna with plug for auto-style stereo
[Product Details...]

23934-03|Stereo Hardware Kit, 32SOLAR

Stereo hardware kit included with Solar System 32 tanning beds with units with serial number higher than SPIH30449
[Product Details...]


Auto style CD stereo for use with commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

23844-01|Stereo Power Supply

Power supply for the tanning bed stereos, 120VAC in
[Product Details...]

23786-01|Speaker (4", 80W, shipped in pairs)

Pair of 4" full-range speakers used in commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

23136-01|Hardware Kit, Body Fan

Bolt, nut and spacer required for mounting the Turbo body fan to the foot end canopy endcap
[Product Details...]

23102-01|Pillow, Grey Vinyl

Block shaped foam pillow with vinyl covering for commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

23081-01|Endcap, Kit and inserts

Kit includes 2 white endcaps and all inserts to replace both endcaps on either the canopy or bench in the F/G-ZX32 series commercial tanning beds (H thru N-model ZX30, P-model thru present Sunvision Elite® and H/K-model ZX32 series)
[Product Details...]

22839-03|Canopy Mounting Arm, Light Grey

Mounting arm assembly for SunStar® and Sunvision Elite™ commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

22838|Handle, Light Grey

Light grey handle on the canopy of SunStar® and Sunvision Elite™ commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

22591|Acrylic, Canopy (Sunvision Elite™)

Canopy acrylic for Sunvision Elite™ commercial tanning beds and older SunStar® ZX-models (G2 to present)
[Product Details...]

21916|Bushing, Sintered Iron 10mm

Sintered iron bushing that is inserted into the canopy mounting arm where the gas spring connects. Replaces Bronze Bushing.
[Product Details...]

21733|Gas Spring Set, 1500N

Set of gas springs for tanning beds. Set includes 2 gas springs and installation instructions.
[Product Details...]

21400-02|Remote Control Bypass Plug

The Remote Bypass Plug allows stand-alone operation of your tanning bed when a remote is not needed
[Product Details...]

21089|Timer Keypad Pushbuttons, NF (On bracket)

Membrane keypad assembly. This is only the adhesive backed membrane keypad affixed to the head-end canopy endcap of the tanning bed, not the timer display circuit board.
[Product Details...]

20944|Starter, K-12/S-12

Starter for Fluorescent tanning lamps, K-12/S-12
[Product Details...]

20193|Hour Counter

Electro-mechanical hour counter for tanning beds. Keeps track of time the tanning bed is in use.
[Product Details...]

20135|Grill, Fan 4" Wire

4" wire fan grill. Keeps fingers and large debris out of fan blades.
[Product Details...]

20127|Snap Rivet (for fan grill)

White plastic rivet that holds 4" wire fan grill in place
[Product Details...]

20081|Lamp Holder w/ Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Includes holder for starters.
[Product Details...]

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years. "Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present." "Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer." "Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.

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