Cutaway view of the Sunvision Elite 30 tanning bed

This SUNVISION Elite™ 30 was shipped with the following lamps:
Velocity® Wolff® Model VEL71-T12-100W

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Product List

H-22843|Body Fan Kit

Complete Turbo body fan kit with white fan housing. Includes all hardware and instructions to install on your tanning bed
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90151-01|Speaker Kit (Optional add-on)

Optional speaker kit for commercial tanning beds. Kit contains everything you need to install speakers on your tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

28983-01|Ballast (220VAC, 100W)

One hundred watt tanning bed choke style lamp ballast. Controls one 100W tanning lamp.
[Product Details...]

27537-01|Manual, R-30SV/32SV Series

Assembly and instruction manual for your tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

27256-01|Schematic Packet

Packet of wiring diagrams for your tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

27239-01|Remote Connection PCB (with wireless connection)

Small circuit board with two RJ-22 jacks and one RJ-11 "wireless" jack for tanning bed remote operation.
[Product Details...]

27237-01|Timer, ADI-HT (Wireless Ready)

Main timer board for commercial tanning beds. Updated for wireless T-Max® capability.
[Product Details...]

27159-01|Wiring Harness, Remote PCB to Timer (36")

Wiring harness that runs from the timer to the remote connection PCB with RJ-11 wireless connection (36" long)
[Product Details...]

26860-01|Panel Kit (Contains Gas Spring Cover Panel and Skirt Panel)

Kit includes front skirt panel with decal and gas spring cover panel
[Product Details...]

25103-01|Cover, Canopy

White, contoured canopy cover for SunStar® and Sunvision Elite™ commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

25071-01|Hardware Kit, Complete

Complete hardware kit for Sunvision Elite™ commercial tanning beds including eyewear, pillow and assembly hardware. Certain items also sold separately.
[Product Details...]

24799-01|Acrylic, Bench

Bench acrylic panel for SunStar® ZX-series and Sunvision Elite® commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

24594-01|Bearing, Nylon Floating

Nylon bearing stand insert for the canopy arms in SunStar® and Sunvision Elite™ commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

24489-01|Current Sensor

Red "donut" used to sense current running through main power wires
[Product Details...]

24488-01|Wiring Harness, Resister Code (20min. SPF/10min. SCF)

The resistor code harness is a device that tells the timer what type of tanning bed it is installed in
[Product Details...]

24486-01|Wiring Harness, RJ-11 (120")

RJ-11 patch cord. Used for various connections between timer and timer display or remote PCB in commercial tanning beds (120" long)
[Product Details...]

24270-01|Timer Keypad, ADI-HT (PCB only)

Circuit board with LED display behind pushbutton membrane
[Product Details...]

24253-23|Silk-Screened Profile, English (R/S-30SV)

Plastic profile that secures the acrylic on a 7' tanning bed. Screened with tanning bed logo and warning wording required by the FDA for tanning beds.
[Product Details...]

24253-14|Silk-Screened Profile, French (ZX30 and Sunvision Elite™ s

White plastic profile that secures the bench acrylic on a 7' tanning bed. Screened with French warning wording required by CSA for tanning beds.
[Product Details...]

24253-01|Profile, Blank

Light grey plastic profile that covers the long edges of the tanning bed
[Product Details...]

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years. "Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present." "Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer." "Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.

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