Exploded view of the Platinum 652V tanning booth

This Platinum 652V was shipped with the following lamps:
BRONZING SUN™ Wolff® Model BS71-T12-160W VS-R BI-PIN

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Product List

10072|Contactor (240VAC, 40A)

Tanning bed control contactor rated for 40 Amps on 240VAC service.
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10081|Fan, 4" (220VAC, 110cfm)

Square fan, measures approximately 4" on a side, used for general cooling of tanning bed.
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20080|Lamp Holder w/o Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Does not have holder for starters.
[Product Details...]

20081|Lamp Holder w/ Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Includes holder for starters.
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20135|Grill, Fan 4" Wire

4" wire fan grill. Keeps fingers and large debris out of fan blades.
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20193|Hour Counter

Electro-mechanical hour counter for tanning beds. Keeps track of time the tanning bed is in use.
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20955|Hex Key (6mm)

Hex key (Allen wrench) used for quarter-turn latches, 6mm
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20989|Capacitor, 75µF (w/ screw stud)

75µF capacitor with screw stud for mounting. Used for power factor correction.
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21400-02|Remote Control Bypass Plug

The Remote Bypass Plug allows stand-alone operation of your tanning bed when a remote is not needed
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23120-02|Wiring Harness, Remote PCB to Timer (36")

Wiring harness that runs from the timer to the remote connection PCB (36" long)
[Product Details...]

23187-01|Remote Connection PCB

Small circuit board with two RJ-22 connections for tanning bed remote operation
[Product Details...]

23470-01|Hinge Bushing

Bronze bushing for smooth door operation on the SunDome® tanning booth
[Product Details...]

23471-01|Hinge Locking Pin

Locking pin to keep the doors from lifting off of the SunDome® tanning booth
[Product Details...]

23471-02|Handle Pin

Pin the secures the bottom of the long inside handles in the tanning booth
[Product Details...]

23844-01|Stereo Power Supply

Power supply for the tanning bed stereos, 120VAC in
[Product Details...]


Auto style CD stereo for use with commercial tanning beds
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24118-01|Antenna, FM

Stereo antenna with plug for auto-style stereo
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24300-03|Ballast (220VAC, 160W)

160 watt tanning bed choke style lamp ballast. Controls one 160W tanning lamp.
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24487-02|Wiring Harness, Current Sensor (23")

Wiring harness from timer to current sensor "donut" in commercial tanning beds (23" long)
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24489-01|Current Sensor

Red "donut" used to sense current running through main power wires
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