Detail image of the SunQuest tanning canopy electronics
Cutaway view of the SunQuest tanning canopy
(2000S shown. 3000S contains more ballasts and lampholders.)

This SunQuest® 3000S was shipped with the following lamp(s):
GT Wolff® Model GT171-T12-100W BI-PIN

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Product List

10081|Fan, 4" (220VAC, 110cfm)

Square fan, measures approximately 4" on a side, used for general cooling of tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

15016|Power Cord (20A)

120V 20Amp power cord for the tanning canopies
[Product Details...]

20001|Support Bracket

Metal support bracket that holds the frame of the SunQuest® tanning canopies together
[Product Details...]

20008|Endcap (1000S, 2000S, 3000S)

Blue endcap for SunQuest® 1000S, 2000S and 3000S tanning canopies
[Product Details...]

20010|Lamp Holder w/o starter holder

Lamp holder socket for tanning canopies
[Product Details...]

20011|Grill, Canopy (1000S, 2000S, 3000S)

Grill that protects the tanning lamps in the canopy of the SunQuest® 1000S, 2000S and 3000S home tanning canopies
[Product Details...]

20066|Profile, Blank (1000S, 2000S, 3000S)

White plastic profile along the long sides of the tanning canopy
[Product Details...]

20135|Grill, Fan 4" Wire

4" wire fan grill. Keeps fingers and large debris out of fan blades.
[Product Details...]

20177|Terminal Block

Two circuit, 12 position terminal block for quick-disconnect wiring inside tanning canopy
[Product Details...]

20194|Stand Plug

Plastic plug for the ends of the base tubes on tanning canopy stands
[Product Details...]

20199|Rivet, Nylon (Dot on cover that marks time)

Small black nylon rivet on SunQuest® 1000S, 2000S and 3000S tanning canopy cover to mark the time
[Product Details...]

20236|Castor Stem

Threaded stem shaft for mounting the rolling castor to the base of the SunQuest® 1000S, 2000S and 3000S
[Product Details...]

20237|Castor Without Stem

Plastic rolling castor for the SunQuest® 1000S, 2000S and 3000S base assembly
[Product Details...]

20248|Endcap Plug

Small blue screw cover plugs for endcap on tanning canopies
[Product Details...]

20252|Wiring Harness, Ballast Power Double

Wiring Harness connecting 2 electronic ballasts to the lamps in the SunQuest® tanning canopy
[Product Details...]

20274|Pivot, Canopy Support

Weldment inside SunQuest® 1000S, 2000S and 3000S which holds the canopy onto the stand
[Product Details...]

20286|Strain Relief Assembly (includes 20A power cord)

Assembly with metal bracket and power cord for SunQuest® tanning canopies
[Product Details...]

20334|Cover (1000S, 2000S, 3000S)

White Duramax™ 2000 cover for the SunQuest® tanning canopy, with decals
[Product Details...]

20353|Timer (120VAC, 60Hz, 20min.)

Electro-mechanical timer with 20 minute duration. For use in 120V home tanning beds.
[Product Details...]

20358|Tube, Canopy

Swing arm section of the stand assembly for the SunQuest® tanning canopies
[Product Details...]

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years. "Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present." "Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer." "Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.

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