Cutaway view of the SunQuest 26RST tanning bed

This SunQuest® 26RST was shipped with the following lamps:
GT Wolff® Model GT171-T12-100W BI-PIN
Turbo Sun S Wolff® Model F8-T5-10W (facial Unit)

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Product List

10070|Contactor (240VAC, 30A)

Tanning bed control contactor rated for 30 Amps on 240VAC service.
[Product Details...]

10081|Fan, 4" (220VAC, 110cfm)

Square fan, measures approximately 4" on a side, used for general cooling of tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

10123|Ballast (220VAC, 30W)

Thirty watt tanning bed choke style lamp ballast. Controls Turbo face tanning lamps.
[Product Details...]

10152|Cover, Bench 7' (2-fan)

White, 7' home tanning bed bench cover with 2 fan holes
[Product Details...]

10226|Cover, Canopy 7' (2-fan, Turbo)

White, 7' light commercial tanning bed and home tanning bed canopy cover with 2 fan holes for Turbo face tanners
[Product Details...]

10712|Trim Profile, 6' Blue

Blue colored strip that secures the long edges of the tanning bed cover.
[Product Details...]

16415|Timer Bezel, 20 minute (with cool-down, FT switch and Control Ke

Gray plastic bezel with marks for a 20 minute eletro-mechanical timer. Includes Cool Down and holes for Control Key switch and face tanner switch.
[Product Details...]

16901|Profile, 6' Blank

White plastic profile that secures the acrylic on a 7' tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

20003|Pillow, Grey Foam

Grey foam pillow for tanning beds
[Product Details...]

20017|Lamp Holder, Turbo

Lamp holder for T5 base tanning lamps
[Product Details...]

20018|Starter Holder, S-2

Starter holder for the S-2 glow-plug style starter
[Product Details...]

20063|Capacitor, 75µF

75µF capacitor used for power factor correction
[Product Details...]

20064|Switch, Face Tanner

Rectangular rocker-style switch for face tanner operation on your home tanning bed or light commercial tanning bed
[Product Details...]

20080|Lamp Holder w/o Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Does not have holder for starters.
[Product Details...]

20081|Lamp Holder w/ Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Includes holder for starters.
[Product Details...]

20127|Snap Rivet (for fan grill)

White plastic rivet that holds 4" wire fan grill in place
[Product Details...]

20135|Grill, Fan 4" Wire

4" wire fan grill. Keeps fingers and large debris out of fan blades.
[Product Details...]

20146-02|Starter, K-11

Starter for Fluorescent tanning lamps, K-11
[Product Details...]

20213|Starter, S-2

Starter for Fluorescent tanning lamps, S-2
[Product Details...]

20288|Leg Kit (White)

Kit contains 2 stand legs for light commercial tanning beds and home tanning beds
[Product Details...]