The L-model tanning booth dressing room
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Product List

20941|Access Panel Key

Key for the front access panel of the tanning bed.
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23514-01|Door Bumper

Small rubber bumper to keep the SunDome® doors from slamming the dressing room walls
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24200-01|Extrusion, Dressing Room

Aluminum corner extrusion on the L-model Dressing Room
[Product Details...]

24201-01|Base Plate, Left

Left-hand base bracket that connects the walls together in the dressing room
[Product Details...]

24201-02|Base Plate, Right

Right-hand base bracket that connects the walls together in the dressing room
[Product Details...]

24202-01|Bracket, Booth to Extrusion

Long bracket that joins the dressing room to the SunDome® tanning booth
[Product Details...]


Flat bracket across the floor under the door panel
[Product Details...]

24213-02|Hardware Kit, Complete (L-DRESSING ROOM)

Complete hardware kit to assemble the L-DRESSING ROOM, including screws, clothes hooks, shelf, etc.
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24214-01|Door Jamb

Tall metal bracket on either side of the door opening on the dressing room
[Product Details...]


Small shelf for lotion and valuables inside the dressing room
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24217-01|Clothes Hook

Single clothes hook for use inside the dressing room
[Product Details...]

24239-01|Handle, Door

Handle on the outside of the dressing room door
[Product Details...]

24415-01|Keyhole Plate

Small plate on door of dressing room to allow emergency key access
[Product Details...]

24420-01|Latch Assembly

Complete latch assembly for the dressing room
[Product Details...]

24876-01|Manual, L-DRESSING ROOM

Assembly and instruction manual for your tanning bed.
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24888-01|Hardware Kit, Screws

Kit contains the screws needed to assemble the dressing room
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Translucent panel in the ceiling of the dressing room
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