View of the Solar System 48 Platinum tanning booth
Cutaway view of the Solar System 48 Platinum tanning booth

This Solar System 48 Platinum was shipped with the following lamps:
Velocity® VS-R™ Wolff® Model VEL75-T12-160W VS-R Bi-Pin

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Product List

10070|Contactor (240VAC, 30A)

Tanning bed control contactor rated for 30 Amps on 240VAC service.
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10081|Fan, 4" (220VAC, 110cfm)

Square fan, measures approximately 4" on a side, used for general cooling of tanning bed.
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20080|Lamp Holder w/o Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Does not have holder for starters.
[Product Details...]

20081|Lamp Holder w/ Starter Holder

Lamp holder for BI-PIN fluorescent tanning lamps. Includes holder for starters.
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20193|Hour Counter

Electro-mechanical hour counter for tanning beds. Keeps track of time the tanning bed is in use.
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20592|Relay (220VAC, 15A)

15A contact relay, usually used to activate cooling fans in tanning beds
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20944|Starter, K-12/S-12

Starter for Fluorescent tanning lamps, K-12/S-12
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20989|Capacitor, 75µF (w/ screw stud)

75µF capacitor with screw stud for mounting. Used for power factor correction.
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21400-02|Remote Control Bypass Plug

The Remote Bypass Plug allows stand-alone operation of your tanning bed when a remote is not needed
[Product Details...]

22441|Timer, w/speaker

Main digital timer in silver box for commercial tanning beds
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22872-02|Wiring Harness, Keypad to Timer (J-48 SUNDOME)

Wiring harness inside SunDome® tanning booth control module from timer display to main timer board
[Product Details...]

22896-02|Fan, 10" (220VAC, 825 cfm)

Round, 10" fan used for body cooling in commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

23120-04|Wiring Harness, Remote PCB to Timer (14")

Wiring harness that runs from the timer to the remote connection PCB (14" long)
[Product Details...]

23134-01|Timer Keypad Kit

Circuit board with LED display behind pushbutton membrane keypad, inside head-end endcap in tanning bed canopy
[Product Details...]

23187-01|Remote Connection PCB

Small circuit board with two RJ-22 connections for tanning bed remote operation
[Product Details...]

23402-01|Schematic Packet

Packet of wiring diagrams for your tanning bed.
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23410-01|Timer Keypad Pushbuttons (Booth)

Membrane keypad assembly. This is only the adhesive backed membrane keypad affixed to the head-end canopy endcap of the tanning bed, not the timer display circuit board.
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23432-01|Hardware Kit, Complete (J/K/K2-SunDome®)

Complete hardware kit including eyewear, joint plates, bronze hinge bushings, hinge pins, inside door handles and other hardware. Certain items also sold separately.
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23442-01|Grill, Booth

Grill that protects the tanning lamps in the SunDome® tanning booth (all 8 Grills are the same)
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23443-01|Air Dam

Air Dam (This is a piece of foam attached to the inside of the cover panels that is used to route air flow)
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