Cut-away view of the Solaris 542-3F tanning bed
Solaris 542 tanning bed ballast tray with cover removed to show internal components

This SOLARIS® 542 was shipped with the following lamps:
BRONZING SUN™ PLUS Wolff® Model BSP71-T12-100WR BI-PIN Bench Lamps
BELLARIUM SR® Wolff® Model RA1-12/160W PREHEAT-BIPIN Canopy Lamps
Heraeus E400 HPT Facial Lamps

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Gas filled piston attached to the Easy Glide™ spring lift system, used to limit speed of travel for smooth operation
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23078-01|Hardware Kit, Assembly Hardware

Kit includes only the bolts and nuts required to assemble Solaris® commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

23102-01|Pillow, Grey Vinyl

Block shaped foam pillow with vinyl covering for commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

23129-01|Hardware Kit, Body Fan Installation

Body fan installation hardware for Solaris® and StarPower® commercial tanning beds. Contains all bolts and screws for mounting and assembling the body fan.
[Product Details...]

23135-01|Handle Kit (Solaris®)

Handle kit includes all parts and screws for handle replacement on the Solaris® and StarPower® commercial tanning beds
[Product Details...]

23195-01|Cable, Tray to Bench Lamps

Wiring cable from the ballast tray to the bench. Contains 17 wires to run the lamps in the tanning bed bench.
[Product Details...]

23196-01|Cable, Tray to Canopy Lamps

Wiring cable from the ballast tray to the canopy. Contains 24 wires to control the lamps in the tanning bed canopy.
[Product Details...]

23197-01|Cable, Tray to Bench Power

Wiring cable from the ballast tray to the bench. Contains 13 wires to feed power to the tanning bed bench.
[Product Details...]

23570-01|Fan, 6" Round (220VAC, 220 cfm)

Round 6" fan used for general cooling of tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

23597-01|Grill, Fan 6" Wire

6" wire fan grill. Keeps fingers and large debris out of fan blades.
[Product Details...]

23865-01|Canopy Stop Bumper (Rubber "hose")

Rubber sleeve around the canopy stop pin to cushion the movement when the canopy is lowered
[Product Details...]

23947-03|Speaker Kit (Dark Gray, Optional add-on)

Optional speaker kit for commercial tanning beds. Kit contains everything you need to install speakers on your tanning bed.
[Product Details...]

24176-01|Timer Display PCB, ADI-HT

Circuit board with LED display behind pushbutton membrane keypad, inside head-end endcap in tanning bed canopy
[Product Details...]

24286-01|Timer Interlink PCB

Circuit board with RJ-11 jacks on either side to connect cables from timer inside ballast tray to timer display inside tanning bed canopy
[Product Details...]

24300-03|Ballast (220VAC, 160W)

160 watt tanning bed choke style lamp ballast. Controls one 160W tanning lamp.
[Product Details...]

24302-01|Acrylic Latch Stud Kit

Quarter-turn latch kit to keep the tanning bed acrylics closed. Contains latch studs and keeper washers
[Product Details...]

24472-07|Face Tanner Assembly #7

Complete face tanner reflector and safety glass assembly. Does not include face tanner lamp.
[Product Details...]

24486-03|Wiring Harness, Timer in Tray

Wiring harness inside ballast tray from timer to connection that goes to the canopy
[Product Details...]

24486-04|Wiring Harness, RJ-11 (140")

RJ-11 patch cord. Used for various connections between timer and timer display or remote PCB in commercial tanning beds (140" long)
[Product Details...]

24487-01|Wiring Harness, Current Sensor (48")

Wiring harness from timer to current sensor "donut" in commercial tanning beds (48" long)
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